Bringing steel producers and consumers together , our key business strategy is to provide quality
products for quick delivery at the best pricing available from a wide range of sources to a wide
range of markets .

Rising and sustained costs of production throughout each stage of steel production have placed significant challenges  on our clients budgets whether as producers or rerollers, putting margins under tight pressure

In addition ,restricted and rising cost of finance ,have led to tight cash flow constraints for many clients in the production process.

Through bringing steel producers and consumers together,our key business strategy is to help alleviate both costs of production and cash flow constraints by providing quality products as quickly as possible at the best pricing available .


A key component of International Trade is getting product from suppliers to consumers as
quickly as possible both for consumers to regulate their own downstream production and
producers to ensure efficient cash flow.

At Continental Steel Company ,we have a wide network of logistical solutions whether by
sea or land to achieve this goal, through the services of our logistics partners in the United
Kingdom ,Lebanon ,Spain ,China and Egypt


With increasing volatility in the market over the last few years both from internal and
external factors to the Steel Industry ,pricing certainty and cash flow management have now
become crucial factors in the business operations of our clients .

Whether as a producer or a consumer ,our key focus is to ensure the most suitable payment
conditions for our clients to assist them to manage their working capital efficiently

In addition to financial management ,because of high levels of pricing volatility in the Steel
Market at Continental Steel we work to use the various hedging tools available in London to
help mitigate the effect of large swings in pricing .